YWS an important fixture


To the Editor,
The Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary, formally known as the Beartooth Nature Center, has been an important fixture in our community, for at least three decades now.
Ruth Brown’s heroic and successful effort to rescue and provide a refuge for wild animals, debilitated by tragic encounters, with the human population, is legendary.
These wonderful animals have become an important and magical part of our community. Whose lives among us haven’t been uplifted spiritually and mentally by a visit to the YWS? 
Our school children have grown up with a spirit of community service, by volunteering at the Nature center. These animals have become as much a part of our community as you or I.
They too are Red Lodge citizens, and should be afforded the same protection, dignity and respect.
It’s wonderful that the FWP and the AZA have stringent new standards. And I agree that YWS is doing everything in their power to comply with their regulations, including not accepting any new rescues.
What message are the FWP and AZA sending to the Red Lodge children and adults and service community as a whole? If all our collective time, effort and money is all for naught?
In conclusion, lets all pray that in the interim cooler heads will prevail. For if a child’s bedroom isn’t up to standard, the solution isn’t to kill the child. The solution is to upgrade living quarters. The Red lodge community has shown, time and again its overwhelming attitude of service, it’s ability to contribute its time, money, and energy and hard work.
These animals did no commit any crimes.
Euthanasia, is not a pretty process despite the innocent sounding of the word. Let’s give those grandfather wildlife of our community some grandfather time.
Manissa M Goday