Would-be Marathoner’s parents count their blessings

Elton and Rachel Kirtley of Fromberg were “really glad” that their 20 year old daughter Rebecca Kirtley, was unable to run in the Boston Marathon this year as she had planned to. “She did not have the funding,” Elton Kirtley said.

Kirtley was speaking to Carbon County News the day after the April 15 Marathon was marred by two explosions near the finish line. He said his wife Rachel, was in Arizona on a visit and she phoned him to ask if he had seen the news about the Marathon. He said he turned it on and was “horrified” to see what had happened.

“She was going to run,” he said. “But, she was not there because she did not have the funding to go to the Boston Marathon. I was really glad she did not go but then I thought of all those people there.
Rebecca Kirtley is attending college at Northwest in Powell.