Wonderful help

To the Editor,

During the past seven summers that I’ve been coming to Red Lodge I’ve been very impressed by the sense of community in this area and the way in which people reach out to take care of each other. Last Sunday I experienced first-hand what it means to live among good neighbors, and I want to express my gratitude to several outstanding members of our community.

I was on my way to the Billings airport to pick up my significant other, Tom Eurton, when the car started to lurch and the engine lights came on—and I had to pull off the highway a couple of miles north of Red Lodge. Imagine my gratitude when Jake and Megan Kerr of Roberts –and then Cody Kerr of Belfry-- pulled in across the road and came over to help me analyze the situation, and brought me four quarts of badly-needed oil. Then, amazingly, Bill Bullock, Montana Highway Patrolman of Red Lodge appeared and recognized that we might need a towing service. He immediately called Jerry Ronning who came out on a Sunday morning with the correct replacement part –and the news that the engine would not make it to Billings.

I am embarrassed to admit that I’ve taken the Highway Patrol—and towing services—for granted in the past. No more! The final Good Samaritan act was Cody Kerr’s graciously agreeing to drive me to the airport --on one of his last vacation days from the oil fields. A service which made all the difference to both me and Tom that day. Red Lodge is truly a unique and caring community and I am grateful that an incident which could’ve been a near disaster turned into an experience of neighborliness that I will always remember.


Kathleen Leonard

Red Lodge