Will lead to better government

To the Editor,

Tom Weaver is giving Red Lodge a choice by running for Mayor. He is well read. A working man during his day. Listens well to people and dogs. Enjoys his life in Red Lodge as he grew up here and graduated high school from Red Lodge High. He knows the history of Red Lodge that will lead to better city government. Tom walks the town everyday so he hears the issues. He talks with the common person, shop owner and the people cutting thru town. I support him in his effort. Everyone has their own style in running meetings and managing our town as well as city hall with all the different departments. Tom will do well.  I have concerns of the letter to the editor last week and a couple of weeks ago form our Mayor Brian Roat indorsing Ed Williams for mayor. I can understand a private individual supporting one person over another. But in that letter Brian Roat titled himself as Mayor. It seemed to me that Ed Williams was hand picked by Mayor Roat to carry on business as usual.

Maybe just maybe, in my opinion, doing business as usual is not the direction Red Lodge needs to go in.  Red Lodge does not need the mayor to indorse a candidate for his position as not only is he speaking for himself but also the position of mayor, the city and the city council. . Ethically just does not set right. I wish Mayor Roat well in his retirement as I would hope he would wish both equally in their hopes to be our next mayor.   Please do a write in Vote for Tom Weaver 4 Mayor. I would if I could but I live out of the city limits. I still am heavily impacted because of my business interest here in town. Changes would only make Red Lodge better. New is better than business as usual.  


Gordie Blevins

Red Lodge