West Fork Road Rebuild Project


In response to County Commissioner John Prinkki’s request for comments on the reconstruction of West Fork Road from Highway 212 to the junction of Ski Run Road, we would like to express our support for the project. This section of road is unsafe in many ways as it is a high volume access to winter and summer recreation areas as well as the only access route to numerous primary and secondary residences. This road has no shoulders to accommodate emergency situations, bicycles nor pedestrians. The hill in the first mile is notorious for its poor sight line, narrowness, steepness, and slick conditions in winter. We highly recommend that reconstruction include the best possibe improvements in widening to include 4-5 foot shoulders to accommodate non-motorized traffic. The West Fork Road will see a marked increase in biking and walking traffic when safer shoulders are built. Ideally, a separate path would be the safest option if there is enough width in the corridor to build one as part of the project.
Bicycling and walking this short distance to and from Red Lodge is extremely unsafe. Significant improvements will enhance: recreation, healthy lifestyle, alternative transportation...all for local residents and the many visitors who come here for these opportunies.
Thanks for allowing us to comment,
Grant Barnard
for the Board of Directors
Beartooth Recreational Trails Association
Red Lodge