Watching in Horror

To the Editor,

It has been such a horror, watch- ing Trump debase the presidency. I was disgusted to watch Senator Daines do the same for his office. His single payer stunt during the last vote to repeal the ACA indicated that he doesn't take his job or his constituents seriously. He apparently didn't learn the les- son the most fifth graders do, namely, that being elected to serve means being elected to serve. Not serve his own petty interests, not serve the interests of those who can pay to get his ear, but serve those of us who live, work, pay taxes, and--maybe a concept he is unfamiliar with-- get sick and injured through no fault of our own--in the state of Montana. His prioritizing a tax cut for the already wealthy over a plan that has enabled millions to have affordable access to quality health insurance shows that his heart is entirely lacking in basic human decency. His conduct was not clever. It only highlighted his small mind. And also, in the end, it showed that he is a loser.

Lea Page

Red Lodge