Wasting public resources? All in a day’s work

To the Editor,

Our U.S. Congress is out to give the oil and gas industry a pass all on the taxpayer’s dime.

Earlier this year, the U.S. House attached a pro-waste amendment onto a must-pass bill. Our congressmen are currently attempting to skirt the rules that would require the oil and gas industry take responsibility for what they owe the American people. The rule they are trying to cheat is called the BLM Methane and Waste Prevention rule.

The Methane and Waste Prevention rule finalized last November required energy companies to capture methane from flaring, venting and gas leaks when they drill on public lands. Right now, the industry wastes an estimated $300 mil- lion worth of taxpayer-owned natural gas per year. By limit- ing waste, the BLM rule boosts revenue for the American people. That revenue is money much needed by our local economies.

The waste prevention rule also protects our health. Methane pollution is a direct health threat. Many of the co- pollutants that leak alongside methane have been shown to cause cancer. We need commonsense clean air rules and com- monsense resource use.

Tell our Montana representatives that cheating this rule is not in the interest of their constituents. It is only in the interest of the oil and gas industry.

Cindy Webber

Red Lodge