Vampires are epic creatures

Photos by Alastair Baker

Isaac Marble, a producer on the

film ‘Crimson Winter: The Oracle’s Prophecy’,

signs a copy of the DVD at a premiere party

at Bridge Creek Restaurant last Friday.

The original 1960s Dark Shadows series had a vampire called Barnabas. He was the first desperate, angst-laden version of the creature and was not content to chomp his way through victim after victim for all eternity. He yearned to be shorn of his curse and tried everything in his power to be understood, even becoming human at one point.

Now 47 years later the film ‘Crimson Winter: The Oracle’s Prophecy’ brings us another anti-hero of similar vein in the embodiment of Elric, as forlorn a creature as a craft lost at sea.

Of noble lineage Elric makes the mistake of falling in love with a human and is cast out in to the shadows. His message of reconciling with those who have made myths of the vampire race and written them out of history falls on deaf ears with his own kind. They’re out for blood and from the excellently staged battle scenes using real weapons it’s hard to ignore the hate filled spillage that follows.

By feeling as he does, Elric comes across as neither self indulgent nor conceited, he is simply tired of war, hatred, and being forsaken by God.

The fact that these creatures seek out a God moves the vampire chapter into another realm, above anything gone before it. After countless vampire films I don’t recall anyone having the brilliant audacity to think that vampires’ acknowledge a higher being. Well-played crew.

Will Elric get his ultimate wish? Well this is the first of a trilogy and right now it’s hard to say as he’s exhausted and angry at death/life and on top of that a group of modern day researchers come tumbling into view investigating the falling numbers of animals in the area he inhabits. How he may react to their meddling can’t be good for both sides.

This is an absorbing story set amid some spectacular Montana scenery and shot in the cold light of day with few warm frills and no open arms, just as this should be and exactly how I like my vampires with none of the flowery twaddle of ‘The Twilight Saga’s’ pubescent ramblings.

Part two please!