Uncaring and Privileged

To the Editor,


In the race for Montana’s lone U.S. House seat, the choice is clear:  Quist will work for all Montanans.  Greg Gianforte has shown us who he cares about, and it's not us.

Gianforte, like many GOP billionaires, clearly exhibits an attitude of privilege: 1. He lobbied the State of Montana for a state sales tax on all of us while pushing for the elimination of the capital gains tax on multi-millionaires like himself (Missoulian 9/29/2016) and, 2. He sued to block stream access to his property.  

Gianforte owns stock in Swiss banks that have paid $8 billion in fines for helping multi-millionaires like him escape their taxes (Gianforte Personal Financial Disclosure 3/17/17, Financial Times 2/4/16, Wall Street Journal 5/19/14, and US Justice Dept. Press Release 2/18/09).

Many in the US are one medical disaster away from bankruptcy, which is not true in virtually every other major country. Rob Quist went through a medical nightmare and did not file bankruptcy, as many do.  He pays his debts.

Vote Rob Quist on May 25.


Katy Kern

Red Lodge