Two sides to Fracking

To the Editor,

I was one of those oblivious loons attending the snake oil rally and getting fed propaganda and a meal and was also greatly offended by the “ironically funny” letter on ‘Fracking Misinformation.’ I didn’t see blinders on any in the attending group, just intelligent people wanting to be better informed, right or wrong, then they should decide “with intelligence” not just fed propaganda. I’d like to recall history to make a point. In the early days the underground mines in Bearcreek used “beast of burden” donkeys to pull coal cars. They never saw daylight, had blinders on their headstalls so they couldn’t see anything going on except “straight ahead, don’t think on your own, do your work, and you’ll get fed till the day you die.” I can tell you all the people in attendance never had any blinders on, they’ve read all the anti-Fracking propaganda stuff and wanted to “broaden their mind” and view the movie, ‘Myth of Fracking.’

A professional national and investigative reporter interviewed the prominent parties spreading the dangers of Fracking. In all cases the negative facts were squelched. When the parties spreading fear were presented with facts, not fiction, they either stopped the interview, pleaded the fifth, called their attorney, and some even refused to have an interview. In other words they retreated to their sanctity or the hole they came from. The damage they’ve caused the American people, the nation, as a whole is irresponsible if not criminal. But their rhetoric is being consumed by the uninformed as truth. These same uninformed are leading the country into the Third World. Wouldn’t it be nice if the press would’ve honored its invite and covered the documentary as to fact or fiction? Then with an educated view, listening to the other side of the issue, and decide if all big corporations profits is bad then let’s shut them all down from agriculture to solar panels and go back to living like a cave man.


Marvin Schwend