Try It You'll Like It

To the Editor,

I live across the street from Mountain View Elementary School on Villard Avenue South.

The speed limit on this block and most blocks in the area of schools, football fields, play grounds etc. is 15 MPH at all times. Not just during school hours but 24 hours a day. While this may seem SLOW to a LOT of you, it is the law. What I really have to wonder about is, where is everyone going in such a hurry? This is Red Lodge, nothing is very far from home. Relax, slow down, take a breath. Drive like you care about obeying posted traffic laws. They are in place for a reason. What if a child were to dart out in front of you, you of course would not be able to stop in time without hitting them. School is starting very soon and there will be a lot of little people going to and from school. In closing, I would also give a special thank you to those of you that do obey the speed limit. I do notice those folks too.

Sharon Roat

Red Lodge