Town Pump to open Friday, Council passes bonding for improvements

Courtesy photo The leading LED company in Montana SaveSmart Led Lighting LLC just completed installing 21 Seesmart 90 watt Led Canopy lights at the Red Lodge Town Pump in time for this week’s opening.


The Red Lodge City Council approved Bonding for Required Improvements on the Town Pump facility in Red Lodge Tuesday. 
The gas station, convenience store is set to open this Friday. 
The City issued three Conditional Use Permits to the Town Pump of Hardin subject to 32 conditions of approval prior to the facility being open. 
Although there are still some deficiencies said Forrest Sanderson, Community Development Director, Town Pump have “worked hard” to comply with everything the City has asked of them.
Sanderson listed several outstanding items that will require approval: a building permit inspection, electrical, plumbing, shading for the parking lot, and paving along Bonner Ave., and Second street. Sanderson asked for a July 31 deadline for all landscaping and vegetation that cannot be carried out at present. 
Sanderson said he still needs to take a look at the lighting but is “calling it as met.” 
Recent items that have been crossed off the list are the installation of a fence between Town Pump and Comfort Inn, and a fire inspection by the Red Lodge Fire Department which, Fire Chief Tom Kuntz said was the first carried with no remedial action required.
Sanderson also spoke to the various rumors circulating around town that “gaming machines are being delivered during the night or smuggled in other ways” and that the State has “not reviewed, evaluated or permitted fuel storage or the delivery system.”
Sanderson said that these rumors are unfounded.
“The Department of Justice review on gaming for this facility will allow no video gaming, no Keno, no bingo, no card gaming, and not even a shake a day,” he said. “It isn’t going to happen. The lottery sale was specifically allowed as a point of sale, as part of the Conditional Use Permit, it is Resort Taxable. We don’t view lottery tickets the same as casino operations.”
Regarding the motor fuels, Sanderson had in his hand a signed underground storage tank operation permit issued Jan. 30. 
“They have complied with the two major concerns. Those issues are resolved,” he said.