To the Editor,

This is a plea to people living in Red Lodge to stop feeding the Finn Park turkeys. Now, I like the turkeys. I think they add a note of real distinction to our community. But I fully appreciate that a lawn covered with turkey poop is not exactly the American dream.  Our Fish, Wildlife and Parks folks tell us (and it’s common sense, when you think about it) that feeding the turkeys has the result of artificially increasing turkey numbers. The more turkeys, the more bad feelings there will be toward these noble birds, and the turkeys could end up suffering. (FWP can’t move the turkeys to the wild because town turkeys have domestic genes, and we can’t let wild turkeys get the wrong genes in their jeans.)  It may seem counterintuitive, upside-down, and topsy-turkey … er, topsy-turvy … but if you like the turkeys, the best thing you can do for them is stop feeding them. If they can’t easily feast in town, they’ll self-deport (to borrow a phrase from Mitt Romney), to where their numbers will get back in proportion to their resources. Start now getting the turkeys accustomed to no-feeding, so next winter they’ll be better prepared to take care of themselves.  Feed yourself, feed your family, feed your soul, feed your pets (indoors, please), feed your neighbors, and support your nearest food bank. But please don’t feed the turkeys.  

Sue Bury

Red Lodge