Ticketing tourists is wrong

To the Editor,
My wife and I spent the Easter Weekend in Red Lodge skiing, eating in Red Lodge Restaurants, shopping in your shops and grocery stores and visiting with approximately 30 other friends from the Regina, Saskatchewan area.  
We had a couple of experiences during our stay that have left us feeling disappointed about Red Lodge.   Not only did we have our vehicle involved in a "hit and run” which caused considerable damage to our 2012 truck, but we received a $45 parking ticket.   
This ticket was written at 7:48 p.m. after we parked on Broadway Avenue while we had dinner.   The ticket says we were in “violation of parking in the yellow zone on Main Street.”   
If there was a yellow zone it was not clearly apparent to us.   We did not park excessively close to the corner so if we were in a “yellow zone” it was only a few feet.   Parking is not in abundance in Red Lodge especially on Easter Weekend, in the evening.    
It is very unfortunate that our vehicle was damaged but we understand that is not something “city officials” can control but ticketing tourists, on a holiday weekend in the evening seems wrong and unfriendly.    
I would like to know where and to whom I could voice my grievance.  Your assistance in helping me speak with someone from Red Lodge who may care to hear of this will be greatly appreciated.

Michael J. Monea

Regina Saskatchewan