Thank you Firefighters!

To the Editor,

From each and every one of us at the Resort I want to give a very special thanks to all the firefighters who have worked so hard to contain/divert the Rock Creek fire. Needless to say we were very concerned as the fire swept up the valley right past the resort. It was scary yet incredible to watch as they initiated back fires that successfully eliminated all the fuel between us and the fire. In the matter of 24 hours we all felt safe again through their tireless efforts. I have now had the experience of the potential loss of significant property and business with the Cascade fire at Red Lodge Mountain and now here at the Resort with the Rock Creek fire. I have gained a tremendous amount of respect and appreciation for the difficult job they all do. The strategies and planning to protect structures, people and their own crews demonstrates their knowledge and expertise.

The crews are not only courageous but friendly, informative and professional. We are all very fortunate that these very brave and capable individuals come together from surrounding communities as one team to combat wildfires.

Thanks so much for your ongoing efforts!

Rob Ringer

Red Lodge