Steve Daines: A Follower not a leader

To the Editor,

We are just a few weeks into the Trump administration, but already it has become painfully clear that Senator Steve Daines is a rubber stamp for Donald Trump’s agenda, rather than an independent Senator committed to representing the people of Montana.

On 14 significant Senate votes, including 10 for Trump nominees, Daines has cast his vote with Trump every single time. While I would expect a Republican to vote with his party most of the time, I would also hope that a Senator would have the courage to stand up to the President when necessary, even when the President is a member of the same political party.

Democrat Jon Tester, for example, voted against Obama’s Wall Street bailout and sharply disagreed with the President of the Keystone XL pipeline while Obama was in the White House. Democratic Senator Mike Mansfield courageously opposed LBJ’s escalation of the Vietnam War.

Yet, Steve Daines has yet to summon an ounce of courage to oppose Donald Trump on a single issue or a single nominee. Nor has Daines called out Trump for peddling conspiracy theories and promoting outrageous lies on a daily basis.

Daines it seems has no political courage. At a time when Montana needs strong leadership, instead we have a Senator who is a timid follower of a delusional demagogue. Montana deserves better. Mr. Daines needs to step up or step aside.


Keith Brekhus

Red Lodge