Sequester – More Bluster from Obama


To the Editor,
The hardworking business owners of Red Lodge are worked into a petition frenzy by a “threat” not to plow the Beartooth;  nationally, we are barraged with threats to cut air traffic control, the homeless won’t be fed, children won’t be vaccinated… etc.
The reality is there are no real “cuts” especially compared to what the average person in Carbon County has had to do to cope with the economic turndown. This is the Obama regimes latest manufactured crisis – with tentacles right into our home turf. And they get the upside  of lying and “blaming Republicans”.
The sequester was Obama’s original idea.  Yellowstone Park faces a $1.7 Million cut – with an average of 3 million visitors a year – that is $1.76 per visitor – tiny and manageable 
As individuals we adjust to changing economic circumstances – as our business owners have also done.  Why cannot the Park make adjustments as well.
Aren’t we tired of being tired of all  these people and their Press juggernaut?   Their very effective “thought machine” is everywhere.  We need to start thinking for ourselves -- $27 Billion (the other half of the sequester is military cuts) is a drop in the national budget bucket – it was the Democrat’s idea – let them manage this “fictional frog” as the Montana Policy Institute describes it!
Dianne Wyss
Red Lodge