School Levy Details

Dear Residents of Carbons County,

This month, I would like to discuss an item that will be running in the Carbon County News in the next few weeks.  Due to some new legislation, the schools in the state are now being asked to share our projected raises in taxes to any permissive funds.  Permissive funds are funds that the school administration makes recommendation to the school board to approve, the school board then makes the final decision to approve or to not approve, but they never get to a community vote. 

Currently in Montana, a school can permissively levy to the following funds: Tuition; Transportation; Bus Depreciation; & Adult Education. Very likely we will also be allowed to permissively levy to a Building Reserve Fund next fiscal year.  All of these funds are formula funded, meaning we have a cap as to how much we can permissively levy. In this week’s legal section you will see the likely changes to your local taxes affected by many of the schools in the county.  As is traditionally the case these changes will be formalized at the August School Board Meetings.  But again with the new bill, we must post this in the local paper by April 15 or approximately a month before local school board and general school levy elections are held.

In summary, I would like to reiterate that the only new fund is the building reserve fund.  All of the other funds have been permissively levied for many years in the state of Montana.


 Thank you for your time,

Alexander Ator


Roberts Schools