Rocky Fork Trail expanding quickly

Montana Conservation Corps (MCC) and Beartooth Recreational Trails Association (BRTA) are working together this week to expand the city’s Rocky Fork Trail.

MCC has been working hard the last two days expanding the trail to the river east of the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary (YWS).

This work will take all week as they take out sod and move it out of the way to flatten out the trail. Later gravel will be put in. “So the idea is to have useful trails that are not only recreation and exercise but to also get somewhere,” said Grant Barnard, BRTA President.

The new trail will head north towards the construction of the drainage ditch then towards the river where there is an old drainage ditch bridge. Once the drainage ditch and pipe construction is done on Beartooth Lane there will be a bike path that comes near the trail. Beartooth Lane is under construction next to Highway 212 moving down towards the Rock Creek River.

“Trails end up on the edge of town. The plan is to cross the river or not cross, but to keep going this direction (north) and cross somewhere to get to more city property and to go as far as Two Mile Bridge Road” said Barnard. The expansion of the trail will later connect with the bike paths that will be added to construction of the roundabout.

“In the process of rebuilding Highway 212 they will build a separate bike path north from town, north to Two Mile Bridge Road” Barnard added.

The bike paths will not be finished until next summer. This expansion of the trail is to have less driving more walking and less parking problems down town.

“It has a recreation value, active lifestyle value, and practical value of alternate transportation," said Bernard.