Roberts community hears master plan assessment

Photo by Lizzie Blumenthal

CTA planners, Brent Moore (front)

and Dave Dixon discuss the master

plan for Roberts community.

On Nov. 21, CTA Architects and Engineer representatives, Brent Moore and Dave Dixon of Red Lodge presented to Roberts their master plan to help improve the community. Supported by the Roberts Community Foundation (RCF), CTA used surveys from businesses and homeowners to develop a plan outlining visions and strategies to strengthen the town. Due to the high traffic and the dangerous crossing on Highway 212, the community was enthusiastic to hear ideas on ways to alleviate that particular problem. CTA proposed installing a gateway feature at both ends of town, welcoming visitors to Roberts, which could also help slow traffic down. “I think the main focus in the community is safety,” said one attendee. “I like the idea of having signage or a sculpture at each end of town. I think the main concern for businesses is getting them to stop. You can dress up the main drag, but no one’s going to see it, if they’re speeding through town.” The community and CTA agreed to further review the issue in later meetings with RCF and the Department of Transportation and continued their presentation. To help enhance the business community, CTA presented physical renderings of potential downtown features, including parks, street trees and façade improvements and detailed concept design guidelines. “The plan can be used as a community tool to show what could happen in the next few years and can be incorporated into community growth documents,” said Dixon. When asked about funding, Dixon discussed various sources that the community could utilize for specific projects, such as grants and establishing a business membership organization. Although in its early stages with questions still to be addressed, “The planning effort in Roberts is a model other communities throughout the County could consider. It’s important to keep this discussion going,” Moore said.