Research into fracking

To the Editor,

There have been recent claims stating that we are suffering for lack of accurate information on fracking. Diane Wyss tried to enlighten us but when I googled her name I found her to be affiliated with an energy company. That seems biased to me so I decided to do my own research. Here are a few facts that I discovered: Fracking has indeed been around for quite some time but it has only been recently that they have been able to go to the depths they are now going and using the chemicals they are now using. Oil and gas companies are exempt from the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act, the communities right to know act among others. So, of course, there are no "provable cases" of water contamination from fracking.

The fact that fracking fluids contain benzene and toluene is public record.Both of these chemicals are known carcinogens. The fact that fracking fluid contaminates water supplies has been thouroghly documented by a study from Duke University and published in the National Academy of Sciences. Oil producing shale contains Radium 226, Uranium and Radon 222, which can concentrate in fracking operations. When unstable radionuclides are ingested, they damage tissue as they undergo their normal fission process. Damaged cell

s may mutate, causing cancer. Many of the problems from fracking do not require scientific investigation to observe. The destruction of agricultural areas is painfully obvious. The thousands of heavy truck trips that ruin the peace and quiet of a rural settings and destroy road surfaces(paid for by local taxes) do not require a scientific study. The gas industry wants to pretend that everyone opposed to fracking are radical and emotional, but it is science that drives us to take action. It is a fact that well casings are destined to fail, a fact that fracking destroys air quality and covers communities in silica dust. All of these things have been confirmed by hundreds of doctors, independent scientists and medical organizations. Only one emotion would lead to fracking in our beloved community. Greed. Specifically, the greed of the oil and gas industry that has already spent millions of dollars to influence people in their way. Greed is an emotion-and one that must not be allowed to dictate the future of Carbon County residents. Do your own research, I did.