Red Lodge Middle School teams compete in the Battle of the Books

Roosevelt Middle School, Battle of the Books winning 8th grade team. From left to right: MacKenzie Morean, Frances Graham, Emma Clinton, Addi Porre, and Hannah Fox


On Feb. 26, Roosevelt Middle School hosted their annual Battle of the Books competition, which invited teams of up to five Roosevelt students to challenge their knowledge of various assigned books. For the third year in a row, the 8th grade girls’ team won again. 
As a fun way to encourage reading, Principle John Fitzgerald said that students chose to be a part of the competition and began reading the books in November. 
“I’m really proud of this group and their willingness to read more and go above and beyond the normal curriculum. This is one of my favorite things we do here,” Fitzgerald stated. 
For the competition, Fitzgerald asked four teams of 6th, 7th and 8th graders random questions from five books including: ‘Kids on Strike,’ ‘Wolf Brothers,’ ‘Ashes of Roses,’ ‘Things not Seen,’ and ‘Nothing but the Truth.’ 
Roosevelt Librarian, Janice Jones said that every year the staff volunteers to read the books over the summer and write questions for the contest. During the battle, students quickly buzz in the correct answer, each question is worth 10 points in the first round, and in the second round teams are deducted 10 points for wrong answers. This year, Fitzgerald decided to change the point system for the last minutes of the second round to make things “more interesting.”
“Let’s make the last question like Jeopardy,” Fitzgerald said. Each student was then provided a pen and paper to first decide their wager and then write out the correct answer. 
Most teams were conservative with their point ante, except for the girls’ 8th grade team, who wagered all their points, making them the winners of the Battle of the Books. 
“Our strategy was to risk it all,” said winning team member, Frances Graham. 
Jones said that local businesses donated all the prizes. First place won Roman Theater movie tickets, second place received a personal pan pizza from Pizza Co., third place won a gift certificate to the Candy Emporium, and 4th place were given Sobe drinks.