Red Lodge City Council amend parking regulations, table cemetery discussion

Penalties for parking violations in Red Lodge have gone up after the Red Lodge City Council voted to increase them last month. The new rates are as follows:

Parallel parking only/no angle parking $20.00 Parking over 72 hours $20.00

Parking over two hours in specified area $20.00 Parked wrong direction $20.00 Blocking an alley $50.00

Parked in a no parking zone/ yellow zone $20.00 Parked too close to the intersection $20.00

Parked in the crosswalk $50.00 Blocking a fire hydrant $50.00 Parked in a handicapped zone $100.00


The Council chose to table an amendment concerning the town’s cemetery last month. The ordinance under discussion would allow the City to use a trust fund that has been built for the cemetery under the arrangement of perpetual care where only the interest could be used.

“The trust fund is not pertinent any longer and the funds are necessary for work that sorely needs to be done,” said Mayor Brian Roat. The amendment was tabled because council member Ed Williams said it did not “identify the mausoleum as being one the areas that funds can be used for and this happens to be one of the main areas most in need of work.” He said the ordinance also speaks of a cemetery committee but there are no definitions on how the committee would work.

The Council chose to approve the dispatch agreement with Carbon County for FY 13-14. Mayor Roat said this agreement with the County has nothing to do with the joint dispatch effort with Laurel but is the agreement for the fees associated with the County dispatching for the City. Mayor Roat said the basic difference is in the cost, which increased from $7,711 to $14,124.

In other items, Tracy Timmins of the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation was in attendance to discuss the next steps in moving forward with the idea of endowments to pay for the Red Lodge swimming pool in terms of operating expenses and also with long term solutions for a new pool. Council member Mike Schoenike said their next step is to meet with the potential stakeholders to see what can be done. This meeting has not yet been set but will be soon and Schoenike said he would keep the Council informed.


Parking Violations

I hope the business community has offered some sage advice on the the impact of increased parking fees. This may be your only contact with an out of town visitor and a great way to leave a sour taste in their mouth, forever. Ticky tack parking fees stick in my craw for a long long time. $20 has changed change my shopping and stopping habits in a heartbeat. Case in point, research Missoula's policy on downtown parking tickets for out of town vehicles. You will receive a very courteous note indicating that the ticket has been waived and a reminder to make a better effort next time you come to Missoula....something to that extent. I got one years ago, I still stop regularly in Missoula and I make a point to park in the right area correctly and pay my fee. You folks are heading down the wrong track because of a few cranky citizens.