Quilt filled with love and humanity

Photo by Alastair Baker

Diane Agnew’s quilt, finished

“with love and humanity” by

ladies from the Quilt Lodge

and the Town and Country Quilt Guild.

When Diane Agnew passed away in March this year she was working on her first large quilt. She had gone for advice to the Quilt Lodge, based in the old Roosevelt High School, to get guidance in this epic project. Sadly, Diane who was the Mountain View School secretary did not see her dream fulfilled. Her husband, Mike, picked up the torch and knew exactly how to honor her memory.

Mike took the remainder of the quilt and materials to Wanda Thomas at the Quilt Lodge who, along with members of the Town and Country Quilt Guild, completed it for him.

“They finished it at no cost. They did it purely out of love and humanity,” he said.

“Quilting is very personal and much a love,” said Wanda. “Quilts are very healing. He’ll have that to treasure. What a way to honor his wife.”

I t is a sent iment echoed by Betty Hecker of the Town and Country Quilt Guild.

“A lot of why I quilt is to be able to share the beauty of quilts with others and this was a simple way to share, many people working on the project meant that it could be finished quickly and we were pleased that Mike has the quilt as a wonderful memory of his dear wife,” said Betty.

“I was in the shop when Mike brought the quilt in, I only knew them a little but I was very touched by what had happened and felt just like Wanda that we needed to finish this quilt,” Betty said. “Clearly this quilt was very important to him.” Wanda finished the quilt top and then put out a call for someone to do the binding.

“I responded immediately. I took the quilt to a meeting of the Town and Country Quilt Guild and at least five other people helped with the hand work on the binding, finishing the project,” said Betty. “Quilts bring comfort and we were happy to be able to bring even a little bit of comfort to a great guy.”

Mike said Diane had “worked on it all winter.”

“It’s so lovely. The women at the Quilt Lodge said ‘many, many hands had touched this,’” he said.