Quilt fest at Honey's Cafe

Photo by Samantha Nikel. This quilt has gone half way around the world, being started in Red Lodge and then bordered in Australia by a series of craftspersons.

Hurry and catch the beautiful Town and Country Quilt Guild quilt exhibit currently on view at Honey’s Café in downtown Red Lodge. The exhibit will run only through January. It is a spectacular display of talent and creativity. One quilt was started by local Red Lodgeans and then sent to Australia where a series of borders were completed. It is a rare opportunity to see the quilt and many other fine works of art in this craft. There is a mystery quilt-a specific category of quilt where the maker is given the instructions “piecemeal” so that the creator never knows the outcome ahead of time. In this piece exhibited by Nancy Ebel, “Pins and Needles”, she was given instructions  section by section on piecing and sewing. She was told to give different fabrics strong consideration. It is a striking result in black, red and white. Quilt making began as early as 100 B.C.-200 A.D. The oldest quilt remnants were discovered in tombs along the Mongolian and Siberian border. These “Quilts Around the World” have great stories and are visual and tactile feasts for the eye and hand. But don’t touch without gloves, you are advised. Many quilts are for sale and there are also quilted pillows.