Quiet rally weekend says Mayor and Chief

Photo by Kristan Apodaca

A contestant at the Iron Horse Rodeo.

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By all accounts the Beartooth Rally weekend in Red Lodge was a quiet affair with little to no problems for the authorities.

Mayor Ed Williams said it was “fabulous, a non-event for us.”

“The main problems were some local people, but mostly it was very quiet. Our police did a very good job. Being out on foot patrol and moving around kept everybody calm. We had nothing happen at the campground,” said Williams.

Williams felt there were a lot of people but it remained quiet although there was a “little policing to do on Brewery Hill where some bikers were racing.”

“I even measured the noise level and it only reached 90 dbs, that is nothing,” he said.

The Red Lodge City Police Chief, Steven Hibler, reiterated the Mayor’s remarks stating they only had issues with 2-3 out-of-towners and with “some locals who thought it was a good time to show off.”

Hibler went on to compliment the Christian M.C. Club who worked up at the campgrounds, stating there were “zero problems up there.”

“People thought we had a lot of extra officers in town, in fact I think we had less than we normally do but we had them on the patrol plan, they were walking, they were every where and people saw them,” said Hibler.

“It was an interesting weekend and a change in philosophy about how we police and I like it a bunch; getting people to comply rather than taking a different approach. It worked out well," said Williams.

“The officers have been very receptive about the new approach,” said Hibler. “They’ve done an outstanding job.”

Over the weekend the city police dealt with one crash, wrote up five tickets, had 3 DUI’s, made 11 arrests, and provided 69 services such as giving directions and rides to people. This included Officer Stuber helping to make and serve pancakes at the Christian M.C. Club breakfast each day.

Some complaints were received about the amount of garbage.

As too the outlaw groups, the only reported run in was on July 19 when the Sgt. Of Arms for UMF (Ugly Mother ……), a motorcycle group from Utah, was cited for disorderly conduct after urinating on the road in front of the Snag Bar.