Publisher Editorial

Carbon County News: Documenting Carbon County, weekly, for over 100 years

I have heard a lot of conversation lately on how the landscape is rapidly changing in Carbon County. Our political, business, education and even media are indeed evolving for the times in which we live. How will the Carbon County News cover these fast changes? First and foremost let me say, not only are we here today to cover the changes, we are adapting to cover the changes well into the future. We are active leaders and catalysts for economic development.
Specifically we are part of the fabric of Carbon County. We have an office here, we live here, we pay payroll and property taxes here, we shop and live in Carbon County. We are locally invested and we care about our communities. For example, the Carbon County News continues to become more diverse to carry out its core mission: for over 100 years, that has been to report and document the weekly news of Carbon County. We are no longer a one platform media as our new media website debuts this week.
In addition, we have expanded local community coverage and increased our niche publications, special sections and social media. Our reporters continue to inform and educate about political, economic and business issues every week but we also cover local stories you can’t get anywhere else.
In addition, I believe the Carbon County News has an obligation to be involved and be an active business member of our communities. We do this through our participation with community organizations, non-profits, serving on boards, committees and providing sponsorships. Understanding and capturing the diverse communities within Carbon County and advocating for good government are things we do not take lightly. We advocate for groups and organizations that disagree to get together and encourage working together.
Some readers may not always agree with what stories we choose to cover, but I can honestly tell you that with a small staff, we do our best every week to make this the best community newspaper it can be. It is my philosophy that a weekly newspaper should promote its community and should inform and educate readers on issues that are relevant to people and the community as a whole. If you have any questions or news ideas, please feel free to call or email me at 446-2222,