Our Gratitude

To the Editor,

There is no better way for us to start this New Year than to express our sincerest gratitude and deepest appreciation to all of those who helped us after the fire that destroyed my home in December.

Even though you are all so awesome, we give special thanks to the following: Red Lodge Rural Fire Department, Randy, Jane Swanson- Webb, the American Red Cross, Heather Quinn, Hearing Aid Institute, Roxy and the crew, Todd and Linda Daily, Randy, Carbon Stillwater Tavern Association, Bearcreek Women’s Club, Dr. Jim Guyer and Jeannie Mentikov, Jack Curry, Terry and Connie Richardson, Todd Pomeroy and the Senior Center Thrift Store.

To those of you that we missed, please accept our apologies. Our sincerest gratitude and thanks to all!

Kathy Burgener and Bob Thompson