Opposed to Common Core

To the Editor,

I attended the meeting on Common Core which is a Federal plan to set standards for all school children in the US bypassing the local school boards ideas. It deals with just math and language at this time but may in the future control what is taught in social studies as well.  There were a large number of concerned parents and others that attended who oppose this top down educational idea, which Montana has already adopted. Many Superintendents and principals were among those in attendance. They must go along with this.  

Some questioned the upcoming costs to implement this program. No one really seemed to know, but $45 million was tossed around. This is not supposed to be involved in curriculum selection but  only standards. However many, there including me, believe this is just the ground floor of where this is going. Tests will be geared to Common Core. As a result 20 states want to withdraw from any involvement in this Federal Program. It is troubling that there is a lack of research to support this bureaucratic program.  

A very informed lady with degrees in Biology, and Education, Masters in Business, and a Juris-doctorate and has practiced Law had become a School Choice advocate was another speaker. Debra Lamm has done extensive research, feeling our kids are to be trained to be in the global workforce. She is totally against Common Core.  

For me, I too am against this as I feel it is only a ground floor move before a total take over. I fear loss of local control, any curriculum changes, life style choices and sex ed, that will be included, top down testing, and data mining  of personal family information.  

This is a very troubling change from the way Public School was intended to be from its very start. Parents should be in control and have the ability to choose those with like values to educate their children without interference from the top. Obama supports this program but even he sends his children to a private school where his views are in force.

Gail Beauchamp             
Red Lodge