Only One Person Working for Us

To the Editor,


The people of Montana have only had one person working for them in Congress this year, Jon Tester. He has opposed many of President Donald Trump’s nominees but not all. I appreciate the fact that he thinks independently, even though I sometimes disagree with Tester’s decisions.

U.S. Senator Steve Daines seems to think that he works for the Trump administration and not the people of this great state of Montana. He has forgotten that many of the same people that voted for a Republican for president also voted for a Democrat for governor. Montanan's think for themselves unlike Daines who lets the Republican leaders think for him.

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke forgot why he was in Washington as he did not vote at all after Jan. 5.

We have the opportunity to send a member to Congress who will work for Montana on May 25. Let’s get out and vote for Rob Quist. Quist will fight to keep our public lands public as well as fighting for our schools and affordable health care.


Betty Brekhus

Red Lodge