Not returning here


To the Editor,
We wish to inform you that we will not be returning to Montana while your state chooses to persecute all your wolves, but most notably, wolves from Yellowstone National Park.
We have visited your state for the past 10 years, each spring, to wolf watch in Yellowstone.  During these spring trips we have spent thousands of dollars on many things ranging from hotels, restaurants, bars, grocery stores, liquor stores, gift shops, clothing stores, outfitters, fly shops, gas stations, pretty much everything your towns have to offer.  We also downhill ski and will not be supporting your ski resorts.  We are avid fly fishers and that is out.  These two activities alone constitute considerably more money than wolf watching.
It pains us not to return, but the policies that your State Legislature and Governor have chosen to enact, in regards to wolves,  are so extreme, we simply can not in good conscience support your businesses any longer. We are in contact with many people we have met over the years in Yellowstone while wolf watching.  We are not the only ones who are choosing to avoid Montana because of your extreme wolf policies.  They may not choose to write you, but there are many others. 
While we hold a special place in our hearts for Montana, we will choose to spend our tourist dollars elsewhere, Colorado this year.  We are sorry to punish the wrong people, perhaps people supporting our own views, but Montana’s state policies regarding wolves are just too much for us to ignore and condone. 
Our hope is that you will convey this to your own State Legislators and your Governor. 
Debbie Pierce and Bruce Olson
Minneapolis, Minn.