Not to beat a dead (iron) horse, but...

It’s clear that the Beartooth Rally continues to have mixed, strong, reactions. Your story on the “informal poll” that indicated support for the event failed to mention that only 45 of the 150 local businesses showed support, equal to 30%. The vast majority of businesses were not polled, and some have indicated that they were asked to sign the survey, did not feel comfortable doing so, and therefore declined to participate. No residents were polled.

The issue is not the Rally. It’s the noise and the pollution, summer-long.

Who hasn’t had dinner at one of our wonderful outdoor patio venues and been ear-blasted and covered with soot from self-serving muffler-less bikers roaring in or out of their parking places? Who hasn’t been awakened at 4:30 a.m. by one self-serving muffler-less biker who needs to get an early start to the next rally? Multipy this by hundreds during the Rally. Why do we tolerate this?

“Straight pipes,” as popular as they are with both the wanna-be and real outlaws, are illegal on public ways. They violate both pollution and noise control laws.

The solution is simple: enforce the muffler laws.


Betsy Scanlin

Red Lodge, Billings