No Right Way to trap


To the Editor,
There is “no right way” to do trapping season. Using a steel sprung, jagged edged teeth trap to maim an unsuspecting animal is cruel, inhumane and unethical.
Any entity, I will not refer to them as human, that indulges in such a barbaric practice is inhumane, inept, lazy, cowardly and incompetent.
What special skill does it require to set a torture device out in the pristine wilderness and then go back and plant their posterior (possibly big) in a warm cozy house? Whilst this entity has their feet up in front of a fire, an animal suffers in excruciating agony. What a charming mental picture that conjures up.
Wolves are not eaten, so it is only for their pelts, in other words, blood. 
Remember it wasn’t so long ago that we, the tax payer, were charged huge sums of money to reintroduce the wolf.
Are we so “species centric” that we feel only humans can feel pain?
Isn’t it time we started treating all sentient beings with respect?
Marissa M. Godoy