National Day of Reflection

To the Editor,

As I came to the Day of Prayer observance in Carbon County, I noticed it was a pretty small group. A few pastors read from the bible and we were aware of the many blessings that are ours, simply because we live in this country, united, “Under God”, with liberty and justice for all. Then, there was a prayer about the need to repent, specifically concerning the “sins” of homosexuality and abortion. I didn’t know what to think about that. From the prayers, that had been said, I knew all of us there, professed to be Christians and I know some “pro-choice” Christians. I know they are Christians by the love they have shown to other people in their lives. I don’t regret singing that song, but I wish I’d pointed out that there are some Christians who don’t share all of their personal beliefs. I, myself, am actively “pro-life”, and support the cause of the sanctity of life whenever and however I can, but I think the National Day of Prayer should bring us together, on common ground, with anyone who prays.

If we lived in a large city, we would be praying with and for people of many faiths. My husband and I have been blessed to have the opportunities to pray with Jewish, Buddhist and Muslim friends, as well as many denominations of Christians. On one occasion, Gregg was in an accident in the Middle East, and was severely burned. The two other men injured in the accident were Muslim and their families visited them and Gregg in the hospital. One of them even invited his Imam to visit Gregg and pray with him. We are a country of many different personal, political and religious beliefs, liberals, conservatives, progressives, etc.

We Christians at the Carbon County Day of prayer meant no offenses, but the National Day of Prayer should be an event that welcomes everyone. As far as I know, there were no gays or pro-choice people or people of non-Christian religions, but I wish there would be. As a Christian, I am called to love the Lord, and love my neighbor as myself. I hope on future National Days of Prayer, we have a bigger crowd, maybe some gay, and/or pro-choice Christians, and people of other religions. Let’s honor God, united in love for one another, and in faith that He hears our prayers.


Thanks for considering.


God bless us all,

Pat Hodges

Red Lodge