Much Ado About Nothing

To the Editor,

There has been much ado recently about the environmental degradation caused by mineral extraction. With the technology available to us today, and the environmental awareness most average citizens have today we can certainly mitigate most negative effects of any development. However this requires compromise and not an “I’m right, your wrong” attitude. Comparatively, I wonder if there have been any studies showing the latent affects of pumping 10 million gallons of ground water from a headwater aquifer freeze, drying it, grooming it for months, then watching a slow run off on frozen ground to possibly be returned at a much reduced volume to the ground water table near Alzada. This attempt to emulate Mother Nature is most likely done with energy created through the use of fossil fuels. Also the clear cutting of large swaths of timber, construction of roads and intensive development, with septic and waste facilities on a granite under lain mountain side to me was not environmentally friendly and would certainly not pass an E.I.S. today. Believe it or not many pre-50 boomers see the ski run as a scar on the face of the mountain.

This scar that can be seen for hundreds of miles just may be more of an aesthetic blight for some than a cell tower or gas well, and certainly has a longer life span.


Richard Bertolino

Red Lodge