Montana Petroleum forum at the Elks

Montana Petroleum Panel coming to Red Lodge On Jan. 30, the public is invited to attend an informational panel on issues regarding petroleum exploration and development in Montana, at the Elks Lodge.  Starting at 6 p.m. the panel, sponsored by The Elks, will present facts on geological studies in Carbon County, explain the permitting process, and discuss water quality as it pertains to energy production.

Speakers for the panel will include Greg Mohl, local geophysicist and Red Lodge track and volleyball coach. Mohl received his B.S. in Geological and Earth Sciences from Montana State University, and a PhD in Geology from Washington State University. He is an expert in seismology, petroleum geology, oil and gas, and reservoir management among other areas. Tom Richmond, Division Administrator and Petroleum Engineer on the Board of Oil & Gas Conservation will be present to discuss the regulatory side of petroleum exploration and production. Richmond is a long time member of the Board of Oil and Gas, which is the quasi-judicial state agency that oversees petroleum production activity in Montana. He has been instrumental in much of the state’s energy regulation.

Richmond is Montana’s Associate Official Representative to the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Ground Water Protection Council, an association of state groundwater program managers and oil and gas agency officials.

Discussing water issues will be John LeFave, Senior Hydrogeologist at the Bureau of Mines and Geology at Montana Tech. The Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology is the principal source of earth science information. Since 1919, the Bureau has been mandated to conduct research and assist in the orderly development of the State's mineral and water resources. John is also the Program Manager of the Ground Water Assessment Program, and holds a Masters in Geology, and will be sharing a presentation on water testing that’s been done in areas of oil and gas development.

A representative from the Montana Petroleum Association, Jessica Sena, will also be present to provide a brief overview of the current activity.

The event, which will be facilitated by Elks member and County Commissioner John Prinkki, will conclude with a Q&A.