The man who wasn't there

To the Editor,

I was amused by Mr. Lehnherr's letter espousing juvenile opinions and comments concerning the Republican dinner and movie event on Oct. 6. You see, he's the man who wasn't there. If he had been at the Republican event, he would have enjoyed an excellent meal in the company of people exploring the issues of “fracking” and economic development in Montana. He would have heard facts from America's first environmentalists (the multi-generational family farmer and long term land steward) about this technology.

He would have heard information from some of the most respected scientists in America and solid information from government officials, journalists and others associated with the process. But Lehnherr is the man who wasn't there. If there is a “roadshow” it's pure Hollywood – driven by “celebrity doc makers” like Josh Fox, Michael Moore and Algore. The movie presentation hosted by Republicans on Oct. 6 was financed by many small donations from grassroots America...through Kickstarter. But Lehnherr wouldn't have that information. He's the man who wasn't there. Since 1949 (the year fracking as we know it was introduced) about 2.5 million wells worldwide have employed the technology. Fracking was pretty non-controversial until the last few years. But Lehnherr didn't mention that. Carbon County's (it's not just about Red Lodge, folks) possible energy/economic development was covered at an “energy symposium” which many Republicans attended this past summer. The open meeting held at the Elks in Red Lodge, featured state government reps and an engineer from Butte's School of Mines.

Mr. Lehnherr apparently did not attend this event, either. Former EPA head, Lisa Jackson has said, “I am not aware of any proven case where the fracking process has affected water, although there are investigations ongoing.” Of course, there are always investigations ongoing. We learned this, too, at the event Lehnherr did not attend. I would venture to say that oil and gas exploration/production in America is one of the brighter spots in an otherwise dismal U.S. economy. But Mr. Lehnherr seems to be clueless about its value. After all, he's the man who wasn't there. I normally don't respond to letters like Lehnherr's - letters from people who are so out of the loop - people who “aren't there” for the discussion. It astounds me that he would come raging out of the left spouting Facebook credentials and “online sources” when there are credible and intelligent discussions on energy issues like fracking right here in Carbon County. I wish Lehnherr had been there for the discussion. But he wasn't. He's the man who wasn't there. It's easy to “buy the lie” when you don't have the facts. Ignorance is expensive and “alarm” is often just fear... in a cheap new suit.


Annette Anderson