Legislators need to think of those in need

To the Editor: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if some of our local legislators were as considerate of the less fortunate in our society as they are of themselves. Jason Priest and Joanne Blyton both avail themselves of $733 per month of state provided taxpayer funds toward the costs of health insurance. In spite of their willingness to use our tax dollars for their own welfare, neither of them is willing to support Medicaid expansion for the 70,000 Montanans (including 26% of Carbon County residents under 65) who are so much less fortunate and in so much greater need.   I encourage Priest, Blyton and all of our legislators to support Medicaid expansion for Montanans. The costs of emergency care could be reduced by allowing those who most frequently use the services to get preventative care for their health issues thus reducing costs and premiums for those of us who are already insured.  As a war widow myself, I am particularly concerned about the 9,500 veterans and their families who are currently without coverage and who could benefit from the expansion. Trudie Olson Red Lodge