Joliet Club’s great season


To the Editor:
The Joliet Club Volleyball hosted a U12 and U14 tournament in Joliet, April 27.  There were 10 U12 teams and 6 U14 teams.  Thanks so much to all the parents and high school kids who helped with the tournament on Saturday.  I was very pleased with all the teams and their level of play.  Club volleyball has been such a growing experience for all my athletes.  The improvement was huge from the beginning to the end of the season.  I am so proud of all the Joliet girls.  It was exciting to finally win the Championship game.  The U14's have been in 3 Championship games and finally won against Absarokee on Saturday.  I couldn't be happier with my girls and their teamwork.  They played hard and never gave up.  Absarokee and Columbus had tough teams and it was fun to see the high level of play with all the girls.
(Ed. note: the girls took first place in the U12 class.)

Coach Collette Weber