Hutson wins Rural Teacher of the Year

Courtesy photo Left to right; Jerry Scott, Carbon County Supt. of Schools and MACSS awards chairman, Marsha Davis, Lewis and Clark County Supt of Schools and MACSS president, Denise Juneau, Montana State Supt. of Schools, Carolyn Hutson, Carla Hutson, Carolyn's daughter, Angela McLean, Montana Lieutenant Governor, and Eric Schlinder, MUST Chief Executive Officer.

Carolyn Hut son, a teacher in Luther, recently won the Montana Associat ion of County School Superintendent's (MACSS) 2014 Rural Teacher of the Year.

T he awards banquet was held at Fairmont Hot Springs on April 16 during the MACSS spring conference.

Hutson teaches 33 students, K-6th grade, in all subjects.

Hutson received a clock and a check for $500 from the MACSS as well as a check for $250 for herself and $250 for the Luther School from Eric Schindler, Chief Executive Officer for Montana Unified School Trust (MUST).

On accepting the honor, Hutson said she was “very grateful” and “most humbled.”

She said that “teachers treasure the letters from students or the notes from parents at the end of the school year letting us know we’ve made a difference in their child’s life.”

Hutson has been at Luther School for six years and talked of her love for it.

“Luther school believes in teaching all students to their fill potential with lots of individualized attention,” she said.

Hutson added that the school “engages students through varied experiences” from trips to local ranches, digging up vegetables at a local farm, to cider making, snowshoeing while reviewing animal sciences, geology and history, visiting musicians and enjoying archery, and cross –country skiing.

She de s c r ibed the school to being “like a big family” with an “amazing teaching staff” and “excellent leadership in Jerry Scott, County Supt. Of Schools and its school board."

Hutson also praised the PTA.

“I am so grateful to have spent the last years of my career at this school and am, thankful for the opportunity it has given me to grow as a teacher,” she said. “When you honor me with this award, you really are honoring the Luther School community.”

MACSS are also paying to send Hutson to the National Rural Education Association conference in San Antonio, Texas this fall. Her Montana application will be submitted to NREA for consideration for the National Rural Education Teacher of the Year.