Hundreds honor Beaumont at retirement party

Photo by Alastair Baker

Outgoing Pollard Hotel Manager Angela Beaumont, standing, talks with well wishers at her retirement party recently.


Over 100 people attended a retirement party held for the outgoing Pollard Hotel manager Angela Beaumont last Thursday night. Beaumont, who has managed the hotel for 8 years, is joining her husband, Michael, in Tucson, Ariz., where she admitted she plans to “do nothing for six months.”

As to the outpouring from those who attended, Beaumont said she was “fairly stunned.”

“I thought only 20-25 (people) would come,” she said. “I’m awed and incredibly touched.”

Beaumont spoke later to the audience of well wishers, thanking everyone from “95 to 4 years old” for coming and “for making Red Lodge what it is.”

“I have enjoyed myself. I love Red Lodge, and have known it for close to 40 years.

I used to bring my children here, my girls went to the Scout Camp, and I always thought I’d like to live here,” she said.

Beaumont thanked her “utterly amazing” staff, and thanked them again for doing putting the party together.

“It has been a wonderful swansong to my career,” said Beaumont.