HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco comes to Cody

Dr. Arthur Middleton acknowledges receipt of the Camp Monaco Prize of $100,000 (shared with Joe Riis in a joint project) from HSH Prince Albert II in Cody.


One hundred years ago, His Serene Highness (HSH) Prince Albert I came to Wyoming to hunt with Buffalo Bill Cody. In honor of the occasion, HSH Prince Albert II arrived on Wed., Sept. 25 for four days of touring, receiving honors for his efforts with his own environmental foundation, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation-USA, and for the prize he and his American partners awarded on Thursday, Sept. 19.

The Camp Monaco Prize of $100,000 will be shared in a joint project conducted by two American men, scientist Dr. Arthur Middleton and National Geographic award-winning nature photographer and adventure, Joe Riis. They will conduct research and outreach in the Yellowstone National Park ecosystem on elk migration.

The whirlwind events will end with the gala 2013 Patrons Ball on Sept. 21. HSH Prince Albert II’s great, great grandfather, Prince Albert I, camped in Yellowstone National Park in 1913. In 2013, that same campsite is now the site of Camp Monaco, a center for research. HSH Prince Albert II recalled seeing gifts sent to Monaco by President Theodore Roosevelt of major trophy animals from the American West, presumedly in honor of Prince Albert. They are housed in Monaco’s Natural History Museum. He said viewing the stuffed grizzly as a youngster, his first up close, and he still recalls it was “of a sizeable nature.” In acknowledging the research prize awarded by HSH Prince Albert II from his foundation and other partners, Dr. Arthur Middleton said it was a crucial acknowledgement of blending several disciplines, not just science, to get both science and research brought to public access.

HSH Prince Albert II said, “It’s a wonderful initiative of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West’s Draper Natural History Museum, the University of Wyoming’s Biodiversity Institute, and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation-USA.” The winning proposal aims to discover new ways of monitoring and safeguarding migratory wildlife in Greater Yellowstone and other important conservation areas across the globe. The prize is also named for a hunting camp established near the Park by Prince Albert I of Monaco and William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody.