Helping Hand from BEC

To the Editor,

We know that Beartooth Electric Co-op has been facing many challenges of late, but would like to commend their employees in their handling of the many power outages caused by the snow storm last week. We experienced a power outage, downed power lines, toppled trees and a transformer that exploded after being damaged by a falling tree. The repair crew consisting of Lee Hauge, Travis Barker and Jim Avent were amazing. Tromping through the deep snow and waltzing around many hazards, they managed to maintain their sense of humor and dedication to doing a great job while having to make numerous trips back to repair the damage that the storm caused. Our thanks also goes out to the office staff at Beartooth Electric that was managing the many power outages that their customers experienced, in a calm and professional manner. Thank You!


Galen and Deb Hronek

Red Lodge