Help the hungry

To the Editor,

Our local pantry is virtually empty! As we approach Thanksgiving, and many locals relying on Bare Tooth Cupboard, my heart cries out once again to stock their shelves. It appears that this 'community' with all it's 'Christian' churches, big homes with new and shiny SUVs, trucks, and cars has turned it's blind eye and back on the (working) poor. So, again, this homeless veteran and believer will purchase, out of my savings, yet another $500 of food stuffs to feed those most hurting. It is with the joy and love, from my Father in Heaven, that I am blessed to do so.

Because I put no hope in efforts to stimulate this 'community' to help those most in need (on any discernable level), I will yet again, stock the shelves of Bare Tooth Cupboard for Christmas so Red Lodge's working poor may have a blessed holiday. As written in the mission statement for which I live by "Restoring Dignity and Hope Through Empathy and Action" this is but the beginning of what is yet to come !

Mark Foster

Red Lodge