Hell’s Angels and speeding issues at Mayor’s Forum

Last week’s Red Lodge Mayoral Forum at Honey’s
touched on the subject of Hell’s Angels. Approximately
500 Hell’s Angels are said to be descending on Cody at
the same time as the Beartooth Rally in Red Lodge.

Mayor Ed Williams confirmed this but added that the
City will have State and Federal resources available to it.

He stressed he doesn’t expect any issues.

“We have had very good luck in the last two years. It
was a non-event last year according to the police and we

got accused of having too many officers,” said Williams.

In another matter, a resident along N. Word Ave.
complained that drivers are not adhering to the 15 MPH
speed limit. They said they “could give out 30 tickets a
day” and “would like a patrol up there.”
Interim Police Chief Scott Cope replied that the situation
was, “Probably like the park down there. 15 is too
slow, 25 is too fast so maybe we need to look at 20.
Nobody is going to go at 15 MHP.”
The Mayor said the City would take a look at it.
It was also pointed out that last week’s headline in
the CCN regarding the Mayor calling the road traffic
plans “abysmal” were now posted in the contractor’s
office. The comment had spurred some communication
between Goran, the contractors, and the City, added the