Having a ball: Nip & Tuck XII

Photos by Amy Graven

Dr. Mark Franci s from Hardin

works on a dog while high school

students look on. Francis has been

doing these clinics for dogs for the

last 10 years. This year the clinic

was joined by three high school

groups: an ag class and science

class from Joliet, and the science

class from Roberts, for a tour of

the operation and to learn from the vets.

Operation Nip & Tuck XII saw a total of 37 dogs spayed or neutered during the daylong clinic at the Joliet High School old gym last weekend.

Diane Zook, executive director of the Beartooth Humane Alliance who organized this free event, “was pleased” with the turnout.

“We saw people from all over the county but percentage-wise more people from the northern end of the county came in. I think having the clinics at different times during the year and in different locations will make it easier for people to attend, subsequently, keeping unwanted litters and homelessness at low levels,” she said.

Dr. Mark Francis of Hardin and Dr. Becky Frank of Grizzly Peak, Red Lodge, volunteered their services.

Operation Nip & Tuck XII for cats will be held April 25 at the Joliet High School old gym. Call Beartooth Humane Alliance at 446-3500 to make an appointment.