Great day at the Animal Jamboree: YWS Celebrates 30th year

Photo by Eleanor Guerrero The bison, "Speedy" comes to visit this family to their delight at the Jamboree at Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary in Red Lodge.

On a sun splashed Saturday, July 1, Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary's Wildlife Jamboree celebrated the 30th year of the Sanctuary as a refuge for wild animals in Red Lodge. All day, kids and parents poured into the center, rolling down the trails to the animals that were their favorites or to discover new ones. It was a happy atmosphere and most of the animals braved the heat to see the children. A few, like the mountain lion and the wolf were into laying about and having a deep sleep despite the crowds. 

Todd Wolsey was there with his family. He raised his daughter, Lauren, up to see a coyote observing them. "Where daddy, where?" she asked. Her face lit up as he directed her gaze to the animal looking up from below.

 "This is nice!" he said. "we were driving from Seattle to Big Horn County. Then we found out about this event from the Chamber or Red Lodge and we made a point of coming." he said. Upon inquiry he mentioned he is related to England's King Henry the VIII's  Lord Chancellor and Cardinal, Thomas Wolsey.  Amy Southgate brought her family and friends out from Billings. "Fabulous!" said her daughter, Courtney. 

Southgate said, "We came here from Billings. It's such a nice trip before we dead out to the woods and camping!"

Her daughter CC said her favorite animal of the whole day "was the bear." Even the bears had water pools to cool off in and most animals laid out under shades provided to enjoy the company. Feeding time was a popular event and the kids crowded round to watch Speedy the bison feed and the animals shared in the excitement, pacing back and forth in anticipation. 

There was a barbecue with entertainment in the shade and a quiet cool place for the families to rest. When they had enough, they jumped back into animal watching and playing games such as "feed the bear" with this time, a fake bear and throw toys to pitch at his face. There was a lot of giggling and amusement among the kids as the animals seemed to enjoy the people watching as well.