Good deed impresses New York couple

Mikala Sherbrook

S o imp r e s s e d were Annie and Anthony Venditti of New York with an act of kindness they witnessed at Beartooth Marke t dur ing a recent visit to Red Lodge they felt compelled to let others know about it.

What the couple had wi tnes sed i s something they said you’d never see back home and that was a cashier paying the grocery bill for a mentally challenged customer who was confused and did not have the c o r r e c t change. The good Samaritan, cashier Mikala Sherbrook, helped out the customer by giving him back his $4 and paying the bill, approximately $30, herself.

Having a brother with similar issues, Sherbrook said, “I can relate. I remember him going into stores and being confused a n d n o t h a v i n g enough money. It is g o od t o do g o o d things, and it makes me feel really good to do good things for other people because I would want someone to do it for me if I ever needed help.”

Sherbrook, who originally comes from Joliet and has recently moved back after living in Florida, said the man, seemed very happy and remarked that his cat will be able to eat.