Fromberg Schools nominated for breakfast champion award

Fo r making the i r breakfast program a top priority for students, Fromberg Schools has recently been nominated to receive an award from the Governor ’s office. In a letter from Gov. Steve Bullock and First Lady, Lisa, Fromberg Schools was informed about their nomination for the first ever “First Lady School Breakfast Champion Award” for the 2012-2013 school year. ‘Fromberg School ’s work to initiate and support the school breakfast program has been invaluable to the children and community,’ the letter stated. ‘...We congratulate your school’s efforts, and commend the work you are doing to promote the breakfast program.’ In 2012, Superintendent Teri Harris and board members decided Fromberg Schools needed to begin providing students with with breakfast options and instituted a free “grab-andgo” style breakfast available to all students. In a previous article, Harris explained, ‘I believe it’s very difficult for students to learn if they are hungry. If kids feel hungry, they are thinking about lunch, not learning.’ Since the beginning the program, Harris noted, ‘Feeding kids breakfast has a positive effect on student learning. Students are more settled and focused.’ Because of their goal to feed kids who come to school hungry and improve student’s academic performance, the Governor ’s office thanks them and encourages all schools to consider a breakfast program. “Heather Foos and Melody Kilwine do outstanding work with our food service program and are very deserving of this award. Fromberg School was honored to be chosen,” Harris said. As this is the first year for this particular award, the Bullocks chose nominees ‘ . . . .based on the school’s record of work and the excellent outcomes [they] had.’ In the future, Montana schools will have to apply for the award.