Fromberg Council pass first reading on Golf Cart Ordinance

Fromberg Town Council passed the first reading on a Golf Cart Ordinance, Jan. 6. Richard McCall, citizen, has been requesting the ordinance for several months.

Under Montana State law a person requesting to drive a golf cart must have a slow moving license and must give up their other driving license.

McCall objected to this, wishing to maintain both his licenses and asked the Fromberg Council to come to an agreement that there could be a way to keep both.

Council member David Flint McCall drafted a proposal for an ordinance to adopt the law permitting the operation of golf carts although he added the City could be challenged and it could be negated.

“We can pass it and hope no one challenges it and let him drive,” he said. Flint thought it was “a reasonable request of city streets.”

A golf cart may be operated only by a licensed driver including but not limited to a person with a low speed restrictive license.

The second reading will take place Feb. 3, with the ordinance becoming law 30 days later. After the vote, McCall commented it would be, “Easier to get a license to fly a plane down Main Street.”

The Council voted to approve a petition to annex Tomahawk (Steak Your Claim) Restaurant on Highway Ave., into Fromberg. The business, owned by Susan and Paul Melker , was thought to have been annexed into the town in 2002 but the Resolution for Annexation in 2002 filed with the county clerk set forth a different legal description of the property and did not include the actual property where the restaurant casino was located. To fix it, a new petition with a new legal description had to be sign. The business already has sewer and water.

Mayor Rich Anderson announced the resignation of council member Diane Dalin. The Council would like all those interested in applying to contact them. There are two years of her term left.

The Council approved expenditure up to $1,500 over and above the insurance settlement, to replace the Fromberg Shop truck bed with a flat bed. The truck was hit by another vehicle on Fromberg Main Street.

In employee reports the Fire marshal determined the Little Cowboy Bar fire was electrical fault although this is Still pending. The bar suffered mostly from smoke and water damage. The police report showed that despite the bar being off limits, people are trespassing on the property.